<aside> 📢 The crowdloan and all linking processes have ended. Rewards will soon be generated with the Token Generation Event. Please check our for the latest details.


Basic information on the crowdloan

These FAQs relate to the crowdloan. Please make sure to read both blog posts first:

Table of Contents:

I missed the Crowdloan. Will there be a future opportunity?

Yes. The next opportunity we are creating will be around the bootstrapping of the first MGX liquidity pool in April. Check out the to learn more.

Crowdloan Bonuses

Am I eligible for a bonus in the crowdloan?

  1. The 5%/5% Referral Programme is open to anyone. Details are explained in the Mangata X Crowdloan Details and will further be elaborated soon
  2. The 30% “Active DEX User” Bonus is available to these users: Spreadsheet
  3. The 50% “Active Community Member” is available to these users: Spreadsheet

This question is also answered in detail in this blog post: Crowdloan Bonuses

How do bonuses stack?

You have a base weight of 100%, this is equal to a guaranteed minimum of 6,250 MGX. Your maximum weight can be 160%.